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Grant winners for SEI09 (UE and Extra-UE students)

Expiration date, 30/06/2009

List of all winners of the student grants offered by Alghero Faculty of Architecture:

Grants for UE students (cost for registration to the Summer School)
1. Maunuela Gervasi | Politecnico di Milano
2. Andrea de Oliveira Nascimento | Master Erasmus Mundus EurMed
3. María Eugenia Mercado Hurtado | Máster en Teoría y Práctica del Proyecto de Arquitectura (UPC Barcelona)
4. Stéphanie Gonzales Dominguez | ENSA Montepellier
5. Arnau Teixidor Costa | ETSAB Barcelona
6. Itsaso Sesma Orbegozo | ETSASS San Sebastián

Grants for extra-UE students (costs for registration and accommodation at the facilities organized by the Summer School)
1. Victoria Bannykh | Moscow Architectural Institute
2. Mehmet Alper Bozna | KTU Trabzon
3. Hifzi Aksoy | Istanbul Technical University

All students in the lists have to confirm and formalize their participation by the online form.

Further and detailed information for SEI09 participation will be sent by email to all the interested students.

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