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The enviromental project in the edge areas

25th July - 7th August 2005

The 4th International Summer School on the Environmental Project and Territorial Planning aims at considering the relationship between the project and the tools of knowledge representation, within the architectural, urban, territorial and landscape project

The central theme of the School is the planning of the edge areas which is one of the research activities promoted by the Faculty of Architecture and in particular by the LEAP (International Laboratory for the Environmental and Architectural Project) and “Shmile-Sustainable Hotels in Mediterranean Islands and Area” project.

The goal of the School is the exploration of the edge concept through the spatial project in order to foster the building of processes of belonging between the local society and the areas.


In order to participate as a student, it is necessary to fill in the application form on-line


The Managers of the School are Giovanni Maciocco and Arnaldo Cecchini of the Department of Architecture and Planning of the University of Sassari. Silvia Serreli is in charge for the didactics coordination.

Where and When

The Summer School will take place from 25th July till 7th August 2005. All activities will be held in Porto Conte Research, Provincial Road 55 Porto Conte in Tramariglio Km 8.400, Loc. Tramariglio-Alghero 09040 (SS).


Maria Cristina Treu - Politecnico di Milano

Valeria Monno, Angela Barbanente F. Selicato - Politecnico di Bari

Frank P. Russel - University of Cincinnati School of Planning

Francesco Indovina - Università IUAV di Venezia.

Ignaci Perez Arnal - Universitat Internacional de Catalunya

Collaborators: A. Casu, E. De Capua, G. Filindeu, P. Mazzotti, A. Micolucci, P. Pittaluga, U. Thoenissen, C. Tore

Conferences: G. Azzena, F. Berlanda, I. Blecic, T. Casamor, A. Cecchini, M. Docci, M. Gallego, F. Indovina, M. Minchilli, S. Sechi, U. Ultzega, M. Vidotto.

Final Critique: T. Casamor, M. Docci, G. Maciocco, L. Snozzi, M. Gallego Olmos

Project Themes

The edge situations in the urban areas are an expression of various types of marginality and transaction. Beacuse of their constituent ambiguity they are suitable for different interpretations and projects.

The projects within the areas of Porto Torres and the Asinara Island, may deal with different issues on different levels:

· projects in transaction areas between the town and the areas of particular environmental importance (i.e. Coastal areas, river paths, archeological areas)

· projects which create processes of environmental integration between the urban areas and the border areas of the town (i.e. Archeologial areas, protected natural areas)

· projects which create a condition of diffused urbanity in the edge areas linked to processes of dismantlement of industrial areas

· project in sensitive areas interested by relevant problems of alteration of the structure and functioning of the ecosystems (both natural and urban)


The Summer School is organized in modules which include: theory lessons by the teachers, conferences by experts, practical exercises with the Tutores and collective meetings of brainstormin. The working groups, organized at the beginning of the School, will be continuously followed in the planning activity by one Teacher and one Tutor.

A workgroup will specifically analyse and study the processes and procedures of touristic-centered environmental certification, in relation to the project “Shmile-Sustainable Hotels in Mediterranean Islands and Area”. The materials delivered by that project will provide
The students should have their own informatics equipment which will serve for the production of the projects elaborates defined during the workshop. In the final phase a seminar will be organized where each group will present its own project in an exhibition of all the works .

Official languages: Italian, English


The summer school admits undergraduate and graduate students, Master and PhD graduates, coming from the field of architecture, planning and civil engineering that have undertaken studies in architectural design and urban and territorial planning. A limited number of participants from other Faculties and Schools are admitted, having an adequate academic curriculum.


In order to participate as a student, it is necessary to fill in the application form on-line

The cost is 850 €; it includes the participation fee, the half-board accommodation, the participation to all the didactics and cultural activities included in the program. It does not include: the travelling costs to and from the location of the school, the design materials, digital elaborations of the projects, photocopies, reproductions, printouts and anything not mentioned above.

Should the participant renounce to the registration to the School, the following rules for refund will be applied:

· 80% refund within 15th July 2005;

· No refund after 15th July 2005.

The payment should be made to:


Banco di Sardegna, Alghero - Largo San Francesco,

C/C / A ccount number: 65016359
ABI :01015
CAB: 84890
IBAN: IT02X0101584890000065016359

Payment description: Summer School 2005

For further information please contact:


T + 39 0799720418

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