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Italian/Russian Summer School in Sustainable Planning

25th July > 3rd August 2008
Iglesias, Geo-mining-historical-environmental Park of Sardinia

University of the Studies of Sassari, Faculty of Architecture
Lomonosov University of Moscow
Institute Italian/Russian of Environmental Education

Aim of the School, continuing the work started in Korolev (Moscow) in August 2007, is to define a hypothesis of management and re-use in the Geo-mining Park of Sardinia, a hypothesis that could be considered sustainable in many senses: the modalities of using the territory; maintaining the historical memory of the work and the atmosphere; activities of conservation, recovery and restoration of settlements and buildings; the events that can take place in the Park; the integration with the politicise for tourism.
The students, coming from Italy, Russia and possibly other countries, will be involved in an activity of planning and design around various topics and at different scales.The School makes achieve 3 ECTS in the fields of Urban, Environmental and Regional Planning.
The School is directed by Alessandra Casu and Dmitriy N. Kavtaradze.

The leading team of the School is composed by:
Alessandra Casu, Giuliano Cosseddu, Mauro Cossu, Angela Ricci.

FacoltÓ di Architettura
Dipartimento di Architettura e Pianificazione
Palazzo del Pou Salit, Piazza Duomo 6
07041 Alghero (SS), Italia

M +39 3209234075 +39 3204205794
F +39 0799720420
E summerschool.architettura@uniss.it


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