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The Rehabilitation of the Industrial Areas

The wide industrial areas, above all those founded and developed in the second post-war period, represent enormous social, economical, environmental and architectural problems, also relating to town-planning.
The reclamation of these areas, their rehabilitation, their revival, their transformation, are some of the greatest challenges of the contemporary age.

They require the contribution of different disciplines, knowledge, techniques and tools which have to be developed in an organic unity of methods and in participatory processes.

The rehabilitation of industrial areas almost naturally imposes a reconsideration and re-thinking of living and housing dimensions, as well as their quality and evolution.
These processes involve the citizens, the experts, the administrators, and force them to modify their whole way of acting and searching their conscience.

The summer school of Porto Torres is based on the planning of the different functions of the industrial area of Porto Torres, with regard to the town, the vast surrounding area , Sardinia and the whole Mediterranean.

The working groups (about 5 people each) are led by an expert in town-planning or environmental techniques, with the collaboration of an architect and some assistants, in order to propose different kinds of projects on different scales regarding the general contest of the area.

Angela Barbanente, Dino Borri, Alberto Colorni, Arnaldo Cecchini, Willi Husler, Francesco Indovina, Giovanni Maciocco, Pilar Riera, Francis Penrose Russell, Frederik Steiner, Alexandra Tisma, Maria Cristina Treu partecipate as responsible of the working groups.

Moreover, the young architects Gianfranco Crisci, Massimo Faiferri, Giorgio Peghin, Raffaele Pisano, Gianfranco Sanna, Francesco Spanedda, Adolfo Virdis partecipate in the works.

The school is directed by Giovanni Maciocco and Arnaldo Cecchini, and coordinated by Silvia Serreli.


The summer school aims at offering the participants a general view of the new trends of the territorial planning.

In a particular way, it wants to accentuate the techniques of analysis and the use of new technologies in order to allow the concrete drafting of a project of the conversion, the restoration and the recovery of the industrial area of Porto Torres.


All activities of the school will last two weeks 120 hours of work in total including:
  • study seminars;
  • laboratory;
  • visits to the areas regarding the project;
  • drafting of the project;
  • discussion and presentation of the works.

The students will have some didactic-informative material at their disposal. As the school does not supply other materials, the students must get everything (such as stationery and computers) before.

The final projects of the working groups will be collected in a publication which will also contain, the proceedings of the conferences.


The school is open to a maximum of fifty students: graduates, students in their final year and PhD students coming from Architecture, Planning and Engineering schools, who have already taken a planning examination.

A limited number of students coming from other disciplines with an appropriate resume will be accepted.

An adequate knowledge of English is required.


A certificate of participation will be issued to each student at the end of the school.

The School of Architecture will confer a total of 4 credits (ECTS) corresponding to the 120 hours of activity.


The total fee for each student is of 700 € by the 31 May 2004, and 850 € after the 31 May.

It includes the entrance-fee, the full-board accommodation, the participation to all the didactic and cultural activities included in the program.

It does not include the journeys to and from the location of the school.


Interested students must make an application for the summer school by the 13 July 2004.

A brief one-page resume describing academic and professional experience in the fields related to the topics of the school must be enclosed with the application. Resumes will be evaluated coherently with the academic program offered.

Application form is available here.


For further information please contact:
Segreteria Scuola Estiva Porto Torres 2004
Fax +39 0799720420

Here below you can download the poster of the Summer School.

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Summer School poster

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