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A multidimensional approach to the project and planning at different scales

3rd > 12th of September 2010 Alghero

Università di Sassari | Facoltà di Architettura
Beykent University of Istanbul | Department of Architecture
Birmingham City University | School of Architecture
Université de Montpellier | École Nationale Supérieure d’Architecture
University of Belgrade | Department of Urbanism
University of Cincinnati | College of Design, Architecture, Art, and Planning
Universitat de Girona | Departament de Geografia
Universidade Técnica de Lisboa | Facultade de Arquitectura

Making sustainability effective. A multidimensional approach to the project and planning at different scales.
Achieving sustainability means thinking great thoughts; achieving sustainability means paying attention to little things; achieving sustainability means reflecting on our behaviour; achieving sustainability means considering transformations that affect our society and the economy.
In order to achieve sustainability architects, engineers, product-, process- and interaction designers, planners and economists, narrators, poets, social scientists and physicists are needed.
Achieving sustainability means to plan and project at all levels.
The International Summer School at the School of Architecture, Design and Urban planning in Alghero will focus on all of these themes, examine issues regarding the organisation and the collection of energies in cities and territories to use them as means for preserving and enhancing the environment and for protecting it against degradation. Energy exists in cities and territories in two forms: flux or stock; flux in the form of fuels, water, electricity and transport, and stock in the form of energy assembled by territories and cities in buildings, fields, monuments, roads, libraries, schools, objects, materials, work carried out by people and machines (the latter sometimes stronger than the energy flowing through buildings, lasting for as long as it is useful).
Requalify, recompose, restore, rethink, recycle, reduce, redesign.
Strata cannot be embalmed or – rather - not all of them: we do need museums, but, as a matter of fact, good museums do not embalm objects. History must be permitted to proceed, to progress. Therefore we need, instead, to rethink, reconsider, re-elaborate, relive and recompose the new city and its territory, its forms and its components with a sense of heed, thrift, equity, solidarity and beauty.
These issues will be faced in the International Summer School through the elaboration of projects and plans at various levels, using the northern part of Sardinia as the frame of reference.

For the participation at the school students will receive 3 ECTS.

Languages: Italian, English and Spanish.

Professors and Tutores:
Iván Álvarez León, Francesca Arici, Thomas Auer, Ebru Aydeniz, Attilio Baghino, Samanta Bartocci, Giovanni Maria Biddau, Cristian Cannaos, Alessandra Cappai, William Carpenter, Alessandra Casu, Arnaldo Cecchini, Fitnat Cimsit, Zoran Djukanovic, Massimo Faiferri, Alessandra Lai,
Sara Levi Sacerdotti, Aldo Lino, Marilena Lucivero, Rafael Lussà, Laura Lutzoni, Giovanni Maciocco, Riccardo Marini, Stefania Mauro, Alessandro Melis, Thomas Muir, Giuseppo Onni, Francesca Rango, Pedro Rodrigues, Maxime Rouaud, Francis Russell, Fernando Salvador, Gianfranco Sanna, Narcis Sastre, Silvia Serreli, Michele Valentino, Dorian Wiszniewski.

Topics and groups
In progress

Schedule of activities
In progress

Alghero is a real town, rich in history and inserted in an environmental context of great quality. The old town, at the end of the twin gulfs of Alghero and Porto Conte, with the towers and city walls is from Aragonese period. Alghero, or l’ Alguer in the Catalan language, is an island within an island also from a linguistic point of view. It is a place of many cultures, Catalan and Sardinian first of all, but also of Ferrara and Istria in the nearby village of Fertilia and in the post-war reclamation settlements. Alghero is linked to several European destinations (London, Paris-Beauvais, Brussels, Liverpool, Barcelona-Girona, Madrid, Hamburg-Lübeck, Bremen, Franckfurt-Hahn, Dublin, Oslo, Stockholm). Alghero is also linked with many Italian cities such as Ancona, Bologna, Genoa, Milan, Bergamo, Pisa, Turin, Venice and Rome. During summer many other destinations are available.

The School is located in the centre of Alghero.

The enrolment cost is 400 euro (270 euro for students and PhD students; 180 euro for students of organizing Institutions; 50 euros for students of the Faculty of Architecture in Alghero and the Universities involved in the European Master in Planning and policies for city, environment and landscape).
Price does not include travel expenses.

The payment must be done to the bank account:
Comitato "Scuole Estive Internazionali"
Palazzo del Pou Salit, Piazza Duomo 6
07041 Alghero (SS), Italia

CREDEM Agenzia di Sassari
IBAN: IT61W0303217200010000000304

Please specify:
“SEI 2010 – Making sustainability effective”

All bank charges must be covered by the participants.

Deadline for registrations (form online) July 24.
*Registration deadline is postponed to August 02 (last Avalaible places)
Payment of enrolment cost by August 06.

Accommodation and food
It will be possible to book a hotel in the centre of Alghero near the School, with a special agreement: single room will be 50 euros per night per person, double 40 euros per person, triple 35 euros per person, and quadruple 30 euros per person. A set of different opportunities are available for lunch or dinner at convenient prices.

ISSs of Facoltà di Architettura di Alghero are directed by Giovanni Maciocco & Arnaldo Cecchini.

The leading team of ISS 2010 Alghero is composed by:
Samanta Bartocci e Arnaldo Cecchini.

Faculty of Architecture
Department of Architecture, Design and Urbanism
Palazzo del Pou Salit, Piazza Duomo 6
07041 Alghero (SS), Italy

F +39 0799720420
E summerschool.architettura@uniss.it


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