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International Summer School-Design and Environment

Design and Environment
Bosa 17-28 July 2006
ADA Alghero Design Ambiente Summer School organized by: Alghero Faculty of Architecture –University of Sassari
Faculty of Design - Milan Polytechnic
SEI 2006 – International Summer Schools

Please enrol by 15 July 2006 on-line: http://sei.architettura.uniss.it.

The space of the island-continent of Sardinia is the ideal place for a design workshop able to take care of small scale minimal interventions as well as large scale territorial planning.
The aim of the School is to provide knowledge on project-work, communication and management of the territory as a cultural, historic and environmental patrimony; it mainly addresses architects, town-planners, designers and cultural operators in general. Thus, the seminar aims at building up specific, creative knowledge that is, above all, collective and able to respond to the needs and the weighty, complex demands of a human landscape seeking to recover its own identity and the ability to communicate within and beyond its confines.
The intention is to train a professional figure, a “designer”, who will integrate specific disciplinary knowledge pertaining to architecture with that of disciplines akin to it, such as environmental design, planning, conservation and promotion of the cultural/historic-artistic landscape patrimony. The idea is, in particular, to experiment with project techniques to single out inherent features of the landscape and of the historical and archaeological patrimony, the relationship between land, sea and water-courses, minimal common architecture, and material and artisanal cultures (diet, living, dress, embellishment) for the purposes of conservation, promotion, and for professional cultural/tourist use.
Little attention is given nowadays to details planning, but history teaches us that many different details become a single entity, a cultural system, a moment of acknowledgment and identity of a territory, perceived, enjoyed and recognized as a value by the community. The course features practical experiments with virtual prototypes and models on a topic/project/product, without abandoning theoretical/methodological problems but seeking flexible, articulated application in the time/space relationship.
As well as the taught part of the workshop, the School will organize public conferences and seminars on themes of Landscape Architecture and Environmental Design. The course will end with an exhibition and criticism of the projects carried out by the working groups. The best project, chosen by a jury composed of well-known personalities from the cultural world, will be realized under the sponsorship of Bosa Town Council.

The International Summer School will take place in Bosa - a town both noble and common, fascinating, pious and licentious, rich in history and traditions, looking out over the Mediterranean Sea with its rich series of beaches and bays, unique in Sardinia for its situation along the banks of a river. And it is precisely the valley of the River Temo, comprising an urban, environmental and territorial scenario of great worth, that provides the ideal gymnasium for experimental teaching of design. Bosa is easily reached by the main motorways in Sardinia and from Alghero Airport. Workshop activity, the exhibitions and cultural events will take place in the Cappuccini Convent, at the top of one of the hills around the old town, near the Malaspina Castle. www.bosa.it

The ADA Alghero Design Ambiente School is directed by Giovanni Maciocco, Chairman of the Alghero Faculty of Architecture and Alberto Seassaro, Chairman of the Faculty of Design at Milan Polytechnic.
This work is co-funded by the University of Sassari within the sphere of the “Action for Professional Guidance and Permanent Training” Project - Three-year Plan – University System Plan 2004/2006.

Lecturers at the School:
Manlio Brusatin, Nicolò Ceccarelli, Curro Claret, Aldo Lino, Alberto Seassaro, Antonello Cuccu, Francis Russell.

Conferences have been scheduled for: Giovanni Azzena, Franco Berlanda, Alberto Capatti, Arnaldo Cecchini, Alessandro Fonti, Maria Lai, Giovanni Maciocco, Antonio Marras, Attilio Mastino, Marco Milanese, Carlo Petrini, Paolo Portoghesi, Silvano Tagliagambe.

Coordination is entrusted to: Aldo Lino, Samanta Bartocci, Erika Bonacucina, Sabrina Scalas.

Graduates and undergraduates in the following disciplines may enrol at the School: Design, Architecture, Territorial & Environmental Planning, Agricultural Studies, Civil Engineering, Building & Environment, Communication Science and other sectors if their curriculum is suitable.

Please enrol by15 July 2006 on-line: http://sei.architettura.uniss.it.
Fees for enrolment in the course: 300 euro (250 euro for those who make the entire payment by 15 June 2006).
Enrolment fees for the course including accommodation and meals: 850 euro (750 for those who make the entire payment by 15 June 2006).
Enrolment fees for the course excluding accommodation: 540 euro (450 for those who make the entire payment by 15 June 2006).
Please access the above web-site to enrol on-line.
The following are not included in the fees: journey, drawing materials, digital processing and project representation, photocopies, reproductions, printed material and anything not explicitly indicated.
In the case of cancellation of enrolment, fees may be reimbursed as follows: reimbursement of 80% if cancellation is received by 15 July 2006; no reimbursement after 15 July 2006.
For further information please contact: summerschool.architettura@uniss.it, mobile phone N°. 339/6404819 or 339/6619131.
The International Summer Schools in Alghero (SEI Alghero) are an initiative of the Faculty of Architecture in Alghero.
Directors: Giovanni Maciocco and Arnaldo Cecchini

Bosa Town Council
Oristano Provincial Authorities

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